One of the biggest problems I have with a lot of the most popular real estate home search and valuation websites, is that they seem to train home buyers - especially first-time home buyers, to think that "the whole home buying process is SO easy"... "Just type in a couple things, click "search," and that's it!" That's simply WRONG! Next, these websites connect the buyers with some Completely Random Realtor (who has no necessary skills, but instead, simply paid for the advertising to get found on these websites)...but of course, they're not going to tell you that...because that could lose them business.

Perhaps THE BIGGEST problem I constantly find, is that clients call me wanting to view properties they found on or Zillow, only, when I check the "Real MLS data," we find that the property is already pending, or has already sold. This is because these websites post outdated information (pending, sold listings) and so on. 

The BETTER SOLUTION...just use my website - for All of your property searches! Every listing you see on my site will be "Active" (not "Pending" or "Sold"), and if you watch the video tutorial above, you'll understand just how easy it is to create an "accurate" property search that will find you the home you're really looking for!

It's VERY Important that you call me Today to set up a time to meet, so that we may discuss important topics like 1.) specifically what part of Sacramento you want to live in (remember...I know the difference between neighborhoods, which those other websites Don't!) and 2.) Helping you get pre-approved from the best local direct lenders, who are highly experienced, will get your deal closed, and will get you the best interest rates and loan terms available nationally! 

I can't wait to help you with your home search, and I'm looking forward to your call!